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Red Leap Theatre
Redevelopment - 19th Sep 2013

Tansun Limited
Redevelopment - 4th Sep 2013

Superyacht Private Expeditions
Launched - 1st Aug 2013

Matavino Wines
Launched - 22nd May 2013

Indian Ink Theatre Company
Redevelopment - 22nd Dec 2012

Atamira Dance Company
Redevelopment - 17th Dec 2012

Redevelopment - 15th Aug 2012
Redevelopment - 15th Aug 2012

Nautical Tribe
Redevelopment - 15th Jun 2012

The Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise
Launched - 2nd Dec 2011

Takarunga Boutique Bed and Breakfast
Launched - 17th Aug 2011

Michael King Writers' Centre
Redevelopment - 7th Jul 2011

National Signs
Launched - 28th Jun 2011

Redevelopment - 11th May 2011

Profile Ltd
Redevelopment - 18th Apr 2011
(Developed with Flaxpod)

Association of Yacht Support Services
Redevelopment - 22nd Mar 2011

Rotary Puddings
Launched - 1st Oct 2010

Launched - 16th Sep 2010

Nautical Contracting Limited
Redevelopment - 1st Sep 2010

Pacific Dance New Zealand
Launched - 25th May 2010

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